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Soundproofing since 1970

Puma srl - Soundproofing since 1970

Puma designs and manufactures modular and removable certified soundproof booths and soundproof rooms for medical environments and it is the recognized Italian leader in this branch.

Puma has an experience and a know-how due to more of 40 years activity in this field, and it joins to the managerial and productive flexibility, the typical Italian capability of create, innovate and astonish.

Puma boasts a wide range of products divided into 7 product lines, it exports more than 60% of its sales volume in over 25 countries and has designed and built since its birth over 5.000 booths, successfully installed in hospitals, clinics, medical studies and universities.

The activity of Puma focuses in 3 different areas, all characterized by the necessity of optimizing or containing the sound::

• ENT Medical and Audiology
• Music and Pro Audio
• Conference

The history of the Company

Puma was born in 1970, founded by Angelo Muselli, interior designer in Milan, who established the seat at the National Institute for the Deaf-mute "Gerolamo Cardano" in Milan.no.

The fortuitous meeting between Angelo Muselli and the Engineer Otello Giovacchini, founder of the Mercury Acousticon and pioneer in the market ENT in Italy, gives rise to the idea of designing and building the first removable sound booths: until then, in fact, interventions of soundproofing were carried out using fixed installations in masonry.

The first model of a soundproof booth Puma was produced in 1973 and placed in the Arena Civica in Milan, on request of the Italian Federation of Sports Doctors, with the purpose of testing audiometric evaluations on athletes

The synergy between Puma, dealing with the design and production, and Mercury, developing the commercial part, produces excellent results and, over time, the Puma product is placed in Italy, in some bordering nations and also in Turkey.

In 1990 Fabrizio and Mauro Muselli, sons of the founder, enter in the company and began a growth that lead them to have the current role of, respectively, Director of Production and Commercial Director.

These new energies gave renewed goals on the future of Puma, starting to develop products that are simpler, beautiful and performing and expanding the distribution network with important collaborations among which we can include E.A.C., Euro Medical Audio, Aird, Decibel, Phonak AG, Phonak France, Diatec AG, Amplifon Italy and GN Hearing.

From 2012, Puma begins to develop its foreign business, and in 3 years the result was to export in over 25 countries becoming clearly one of the leading manufacturers of soundproof booths in the ENT market.

The future is coming, and who will know how to take and make the most with the incredible possibilities that new materials, new technologies and new tools offer, combining them with passion, creativity and ability to innovate, will have the keys of success. Puma works without rest to grow and improve its organization and its products, in order to ensure Customers a relationship of mutual satisfaction lasting over time.

Puma’s Mission and Vision

Our mission is to “offer high quality products and services without compromise, at the better market conditions, in compliance with the regulations and best practices of industry".

Our Vision is "to develop and innovate according to the values of simplicity, economy and beauty, sharing knowledge and relations, in order to become a recognized reference in the market ENT.


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