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What is a soundproof booth?

Soundproof booths, musical booths, sound box or whatever you want to call it! We musician are always in the search of a right place where we can play without bothering people around us and where we can enjoy a quiet and muffled corner to study or record.

A closet or a beautiful house in the countryside can be a good alternative, but it is not for all. And so it was created the solution with the best price/quality comparison: the Air Birds soundproof booths.

Who needs it?

Air Birds is a soundproof box intended to all musicians playing wind instruments, singers, guitarists, drummers, speakers, web radio or wherever a soundproof room is needed. Its main feature is the relationship between weight and performance, allowing the installation in any house at any floor.

Soundproofing capability

Soundproofing tested at Laboratorio di Fisica-Tecnica C.S.I. S.p.A. in Bollate (MI) by taking a sample from the production of soundproof booths. (ref. laws UNI EN ISO 11957 – UNI EN ISO 717-1).

HZ 125 250 500 1k 2k 4k 5k 6k
dB 23,4 24,1 27,8 34,5 31,3 36,4 40,4 40

Supporting base

The supporting base of the soundproof booth - footThe Air Bird soundproof booth lays on a high density base supporting the whole structure. The weight rests on anti vibration feet, adjustable in height. The internal finishing is in laminate.

As an optional it is also available a floating supporting base limiting the mechanical transmission of the sound: it is perfect to stop the vibrations of amplifiers, electronic drums, pianos. In this case, the internal finishing is in technical wall-to-wall carpeting.

The system for air turnover

System of an air turnover in a soundproof cabinThe soundproof booth AirBirds has an high performance system for air turnover made with a double pipe, one for suction and one for the air discharge.

From the booths measuring 210x107 the axial fan is replaced with a centrifugal absorbing fan with a significant flow rate, which ensures the necessary air turnover pro hour with an absolute silence.

Electrical/lighting system

The Air Birds soundproof booths are equipped with a simple and functional electrical and lighting system. LED ceiling light, differential command for ventilation, lights and sockets UNEL (shuko-10-16A). Simple wiring protected by a fuse.

Connection equipment

The universal connection is the system of silenced cables passage that allows you to pass through the wall with any connection cable, PC plug, cable cannon, RCA without interruptions or loss of signal.

  • Cable Connection System 01
  • Cable Connection System 02
  • Cable Connection System 03
  • Cable Connection System 04
  • Cable Connection System 05
  • Cable Connection System 06
  • Cable Connection System 07

Available sizes

Great availability in sizes ranging from the tiny and extremely practical 107x107 to the spacious 314x314 passing from the new 132x107, much appreciated for being placed in small environments where the longer side (132 cm against 107) makes the difference. The visual is now earth to sky, narrow and tall, and allows a passage of total light.

AIR107X107  107 x 107 x 242h  92 x 92 x 202h 281 kg
AIR132X107  132 x 107 x 242h  117 x 92 x 202h 316 kg
AIR132X132 132 x 132 x 242h 117 x 117 x 202h 354 kg
AIR210x107 210 x 107 x 242h   195 x 92 x 202h 428 kg
AIR210x132 210 x 132 x 242h   195 x 117 x 202h 474 kg
AIR260x132  260 x 132 x 242h  245 x 117 x 202h 550 kg
AIR210X210  210 x 210 x 242h  195 x 195 x 202h 622 kg
AIR260x210 260 x 210 x 242h   245 x 195 x 202h 715 kg
AIR314X210  314 x 210 x 242h  299 x 195 x 202h 817 kg
AIR314X314 314 x 314 x 242h 299 x 299 x 202h 1059 kg

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