Sound absorbing internal lining

Internal lining of AirBirds soundproof booths

The new technical fabric with which are made the interior finishes of our soundproof booths replace the pyramid-shaped one (loved and hated): it is washable, sound absorbing and wear resistant.

Supported on a open cells material, the fabric guarantees both acoustic cutting and sound absorbing letting limpidity to the sound. Very pleasing to the touch has a modern and elegant aspect

The quality of the interior linings

The interior lining of a sound booth made by Puma Acoustics are related to the materials used to finish the interior of the booth and to the design of the details of the closing in difficult parts, such as edges, corners or hinges.

Some important aspect to be taken into consideration are, when evaluating the internal part, in contact with the user, are:

The resistance to abrasion and use

This feature depends essentially on the nature of the material we use. It affects on the duration of the internal finishes, low quality means a greater ease and speed in being damaged (e. g. change slightly its shape or in the worst case break some areas of greater wear).

The washability

Washability is an important feature because occasionally the possibility of washing or making localized interventions can help to recover accidental stain that can be very unattractive. Not all internal lining can be washed

The acoustic yield

The “acoustic yield” of a product refers not so much to the sound absorbing or the acoustic impedance of a soundproof booth, a quality depending on a good project, on the materials used to build the innermost layers and on the use of important adjustments, but it depends on the ability of making sounds without altering some frequencies. There are lining able to respect this delicate balance more than other fabrics.

The aesthetic yield

The internal aesthetic of a soundproof booth is a feature closely depending on the materials used and on the quality of the finishes in some difficult parts. Aesthetic is one of the element that keep a high value of the product and keeps it attractive in case of an hypothetical resale.

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