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Acoustic correction in restaurants

Acoustic correction in restaurants, bars, and coffee bars

Relaxing environments and tiring environments

Acoustic correction in the locals

“Communicating" is such a natural and pervasive act that it is difficult to imagine the great difficulties that our auditory system must overcome in order to extract comprehensible information from the complex auditory signal that reaches our ears.

In particular, the capacity of our brain is constantly put to the test when it comes to understanding the message of a speaker while others may be speaking at the same time and in the same surroundings. Restaurants, bars, and coffee bars must be able to be pleasant places to meet up to spend a relaxing lunch break away from the frenzy of the day.

The quality of the acoustics in a commercial business of this nature is a fondamental characteristic not to neglect for the well-being of everyone: for those listening and for those speaking. First of all, it is important that clients do not become too annoyed by too much reverberation, straining to understand the conversation of those near them. Secondly, in this way, clients will not feel constrained to raise their voices past their vocal comfort levels, thereby causing a chain reaction in which everyone tends to raise the volume of their voices, exacerbating the already bothersome background noise.

Our project for acoustic correction

Puma Acoustics can contribute to the development of a project to correct acoustics in restaurants, bars, and local businesses, and proposes innovative solutions for the treatment of sound, reducing reverberations and echoes, and instead emphasizing the first moments of reflection necessary for comprehension.

This result is feasible working with a type of sound-absorbing panel, its dimensions and positioning to find the ideal solution tailored to each specific environment, thereby guaranteeing a level of acoustic comfort such that spending time in the commercial business becomes a pleasure.

In order to learn more about this topic, we suggest visiting the page on acoustic correction and the page for custom-made designs, while for quotes, please refer you back to the contact page.


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