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Complex soundscapes: what are they and how to intervene?

Solution acoustic for complex soundscapes

What is a soundscape?

A soundscape is generally a natural acoustic environment in its entirety, with all the sounds composing it: sounds of life, artificial sounds, natural sounds. According to the definition of the Canadian composer Raymond Murray Schafer, a soundscape is “any field of acoustic study (…), a musical composition, a radio program or an environment”.

The acoustic design studies the soundscape, and from this originate acoustics designs

When a soundscape is called “complex”?

Complex soundscapes” are those environments where there are several sound events in the same time. For example in a office, where the noise generated by the people is added to the noise generated by working tools.

In such situations, a good management of the soundscape can be helpful to reduce the complexity of the soundscape, sounds are weakened and the dialogue with a moderate tone of voice is favoured. It is necessary to design a support project to this kind of environment, taking into consideration the equipment, the room layout and the acoustic comfort.

In the specific case of a call center, the negative effects of noise are amplified both from operators and the customers who, from the other side of the phone, perceive a background noise disturbing the communication.

It may seem surprising, but the noise caused by words in a reverberating environment is the worst.

A direct intervention can bring benefits?

By doing the appropriate corrections, the change is favorably perceived:

  • Noise is more weakened;
  • The sound of the equipment is appears to be less strong;
  • Some colleagues feel less tired after a long day of work;
  • We do not raise the voice.

The soundproof booths and the soundproofing of Puma Acoustics

The flexibility and the possibility to customize our products have allowed us to realize rehearsal rooms, recording studios, private soundproof rooms and many other designs.

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