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Cremona Musica International Exhibitions 2017

Cremona Musica International Exhibitions 2017

Cremona and the music

The city of Cremona and the music: an old century-old history that makes the city the world’s cradle of lute manufacturing, craftsmanship of great sophistication, handed down for centuries of dedication since the second half of the sixteenth century, when the art became a fine craft and expanded throughout Europe thanks to training initiatives of modern lutherie schools, from Brescia to Cremona, from Lyon to Füssen.

Even today, those who choose to play a hand-made instrument of craftsmanship, choose to play at a high level, that the fine art of the violin can guarantee with accurate materials and techniques, the result of the study, the manual skills and the sensitivity of the lute masters. Stradivarius, Amati, Guarneri are the most representative names in the history of liutherie.

With its most affirmed craftsmen’s shops, in 2012 the city won the UNESCO’s award to the traditional Cremonese liutherie as immaterial cultural heritage that Cremona preserves and enhances.

Cremona Musica International Exhibitions

In Cremona, enthusiastic visitors come from all over the world for an event of great interest in the world of music:  Cremona Musica International Exhibitions opening its 20th edition from Friday 29 September to Sunday 1 October 2017 and Puma Acoustics will be present both in partnership with the Exhibition management providing a soundproof booth AirBirds 210x210, and as a partner within the Gewa Young Contest (discussed in this article), in collaboration with Gewa Strings.

Back to Cremona Musica International Exhibitions, the great music container that for 20 years brings together the interest of musicians, guitars, string instruments, wind instruments, piano and classical guitar. Cremona Musica International Exhibitions is an eclectic event.

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Cremona Mondo Musica

Cremona Mondo Musica is the exhibition area that hosts the major companies from the production of tools and and components to musical editions, from facilities to related services: it is the marketplace where you can find the perfect tool and buy it after testing its quality.

When you enter at Cremona Mondo Musica, with an increasing presence of visitors from 55 countries, exhibitors from 28 countries, events, seminars, contests and concerts (120 for the 2016 edition) you can feel an International atmosphere.

Piano Experience

Piano Experience is dedicated to enthusiastic pianists and professional operators: it is a unique event at European level aimed at supporting and enhancing the piano industry through the development of cultural and commercial relationships related to the world of piano

Acoustics Guitar Village

Acoustic Guitar Village, a legacy of the historic Acoustic Guitar Meeting of Sarzana, was reborn in 2016 with a renewed format, referring to acoustic and classical guitar, which includes, in addition to the display of violin and merchandise, concerts, exhibitions, competitions and courses.

Cremona Winds

Cremona Winds, in collaboration with the Italian Academy of Clarinet and the Italian Flute Society, dedicated to wind instruments where great professionals of this industry organize concerts, round tables and masterclasses involving up to 500 flutists, clarinets and saxophone players.

Il Gewa Young Contest

Playbill Gewa competitions music world, October 2017As part of the business of Puma Acoustics, this year at Cremona Mondo Musica, we underline the collaboration with Gewa, launching this year the Gewa Young Contest, a regional competition for young violinists, violists and cellists from 6 to 14 years old.

This contest at Cremona Musica represents the end of a stage tour between several events that took place during the year. For the event managers it is a great privilege to reward the passion and dedication of young players, the pride of an international, even universal, cultural heritage which is today the music in Cremona and in the world.

The installation of a Puma Airbirds 107x132 acoustic cabin inside the Gewa Music booth space at Cremona Mondo Musica will be the best opportunity for instrumentalists, musicians and visitors to experience the reliability and quality of Puma Acoustics soundproof booths.

Ad arricchire lo stand a Cremona Mondo Musica di Gewa Music sarà la presenza di una cabina musicale Airbirds 107x132 fornita da noi di Puma: quale migliore occasione per gli strumentisti, musicisti e visitatori per provarne l'affidabilità e la qualità delle cabine musicali insonorizzate di Puma Acoustics.

We look forward to meeting you from September, 29 to October, 1 at Cremona Musica!


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