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Don’t know which way to turn? Soundproof!

How to soundproof the apartment

When going on with a professional soundproofing?

Soundproofing completely a noise source is what almost everybody wants, but unfortunately only a few realize. This happens because first of all it is necessary to have a place without limitations to interventions and a specialized project that respect various elements:

  • Existing structure;
  • Sound to be contained;
  • Context;
  • Plan to do.

In most cases, after a preliminary feasibility study, assuming it is feasible, the conclusion is that unfortunately will be an economically challenging work.

Why soundproofing is necessary?

The main reason that make sense to soundproofing is: at each 3 decibels reduction there is a halving of the acoustic sound energy emitted from a source, but if you consider the pure mass of a monolayer wall, you have to double the mass to soundproof only 6 dB more.

Rather few, considering the effort? This is true but there is a good news!

In most cases a complete soundproofing is not necessary, but it is enough to soundproof as required, in order not to disturb people around us and reducing noise to a tolerable volume.

We created a list that shows the most suitable solution on the basis of the sound source and where it is placed.

table solution soundproofing

When it is necessary a personalized project of soundproofing?

We are talking about your specific situation, we do not want to find a compromise, but it is necessary to evaluate the performance needed to a decisive intervention by verifying the feasibility. This service is the most required from commercial activities as rehearsal room, recording studios or very particular problems where our intervention has to be definitely decisive or the investment will be vain.

In our website you can find different solutions, related to different products and situations:

The soundproof booths AirBirds, the product with the best quality/price ratio.

The soundproof booths Eagle Pro, the professional solution for situations of average complexity and with voluminous and noisy instruments.

The design of bespoke soundproofing, from the rehearsal room to the recording studio.

For further informations please refer to our contacts page.    

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