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Gewa Young Contest 2017

The Gewa Music Contest for Young Musicians  1st October 2017

The Gewa Music Contest for Young Musicians

Gewa Music is a benchmark company in the world of musicians, a company able to take on a worldwide position in the production and distribution of strings musical instruments and accessories, such as cases, supports and strings, as well as a very wide range of acoustic instruments, so that Gewa Music can be defined as a "music engineer".

Gewa Strings (strings division) is the promoter of the "Gewa Young Contest", an itinerant competition throughout Italy that will end with the National Final in Cremona, the world-famous home of violin. During this occasion Gewa Music and Puma will be partners in the event.

The Gewa Music Contest for Young Musicians 1st October 2017  (playbill)

The Final in Cremona Mondo Musica

The National Final of the "Gewa Young Contest" will be held on Saturday 30 September during the 30th edition of the Cremona Mondo Musica exhibition. The participants who will attend to this event are the winners of each category and the absolute award of each regional contest:

  • Bomu String Contest Award, Reggio Calabria, 13 and 14 May;
  • Pentamusa Award, Rocca di Caprileone, Messina, May 20 and 21;
  • 3M Music Award, Sassari, 27 and 28 May;
  • Cavalli Award, Castrezzato, Brescia, 9 and 10 June;
  • Chroma Award, Rome, June 24 and 25.

They are young violinists, violists and cellists between the ages of six and fourteen. The winner will have the chance to perform with the prestigious Arrigoni String Orchestra and to win a prize pool of 1,000 Euros

The aim of the competition is to promote musical practice by pushing the new generations to play music and by offering them training opportunities within professional events and contexts of great importance.

Collaboration with Puma

The Gewa Music Contest for Young Musicians 1st October 2017Within Cremona World Music, Puma will design an Air Birds 2X2 acoustic booth, inviting visitors to try the instruments and enjoy the sound in the complete tranquility of its soundproofed cabins.

It will be an unique chance for every music lover who wants to discover the benefits of perfect soundproofing that Puma can offer, a place where musicians and instruments can perform inside an environment and context of absolute professionalism and at the highest levels of artistic creativity.

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