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How to build soundproof rooms for recording studios?

How to build soundproof rooms for recording studios?

The relationship between recording studio and acoustic environment

The recording studio has to be the most refined and sophisticated environment under the acoustic point of view. Usually it is composed of two rooms, the video room and the direction room, but sometimes even of three rooms, if there is a vocal booth completely insulated. Both the video and the direction room need a good soundproofing, and having to choose, the video room has to be the most performing.

The acoustic for the video room and the perceived sound for the direction has to be particularly accurate.

Soundproofing levels

Soundproofing must have medium-high levels, not under 65/70 dB on frequencies at least between 100 and 3.150 Hz. Obviously, the average of dB increases considering higher Hz, but stopping at 3.500/4.000 Hertz we have parameters comparable in appliance at UNI EN ISO 140.4 “Measurement of the sound insulation between environments” and UNI EN ISO 717-1 “Evaluation of the acoustic insulation in buildings or part of buildings. Acoustic insulation via air”.

Insulating structures

An acoustic cutting of this level implies a structure with important thickness between mass and amortizing volume, double-walled structures, no phonic bridges, a soundproofed ceiling with silenced ventilation, a base with inertial mass, windows and doors to match the acoustic cutting of the project.

The shape of the environments sets the acoustic answer, the reverb time and the resonances, but almost always, unless you have at your disposal a space completely free, rooms have volumes already defined. The correction is obtained using sound-absorbing, catchers and acoustic reflectives.

Personalized solutions Puma to look after every minimum detail

Generally, a video room has a dry acoustic with a very reduced reverberation time, but if you shoot strings or acoustics instruments you need a longer reverberation time giving the sound more body and heat. The direction room instead is the place where you have to listen the sound linear, clear and without distortions; the acoustic has to be accurately cared. An inaccurate listening of the sound makes performing wrong corrections to people who should create the perfect music. The same song heard in other places will be insufficient or excessive on certains frequencies..

Puma Acoustics deals with projecting and designing soundproofed environments for over 40 years, we wrote about it particularly in the page about the insulation of the recording studios, and you can also read other interesting informations on the page about acoustic correction.

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