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Installation of three soundproof Airbirds Premium cabins in a music school in Switzerland

Three soundproof Airbirds Premium cabins in Switzerland

Installation of three soundproof Airbirds Premium cabins in a music school in Switzerland

Consultancy and installation of three Airbirds Premium cabins.
Client: Gimmemusic School, music school situated in Switzerland.
Need: musical production, music and mixing courses.
Type of environment: music school

Puma’s installation and consultancy

Puma Acoustics recently installed three soundproof Airbirds Premium cabins for Gimmemusic School, a music school located in Switzerland.

The three Airbirds soundproof cabins have a fixed structure and an acoustic correction specifically designed for musical productions and mixing.

The production and composition environments must necessairly be well taken care of and perfect under an acoustics point of view: an accurate check of reverberation and acoustic reflections at the different frequencies must be carried out to correct sound distribution and prevent resonance effects.

In the same way, a professional acoustic project is required for testing rooms and recording studios. This must be followed by an intervention with materials such as sound absorbing panels.

The choice of Airbirds musical cabins

Airbirds music cabins have been chosen for a series of characteristics that, beyond acoustic performance, are necessary in a learning environment. These include a good air exchange system, and surfaces that fulfill the school’s requirements, made with materials of great quality.

Gimmemusic’s new studies involve four different areas:

  • An area dedicated to production and post-production;
  • An area optimized for acoustic instruments;
  • An area dedicated to drums and voices;
  • An area dedicated to exercising and live exhibitions.

The open philiosophy of this new music school is surprisingly innovative and its peculiarity is that it does not have restrictions that are typical of traditional music courses: the continuous contact with a professional environment, and the possibility to record and mix at any time is the effective and modern learning method studied and applied by Gimmemusic.

Gimmemusic School, the project of the newly born Swiss school

It was a pleause for Puma Acoustics’ team to cooperate with the young founders of Gimmemusic.

Gimmemusic School is a music school and innovative musical production firm, where new technologies are applied with great competency and where a musician acquires his skills in a non-conventional way.

Founded in 2015 by three young musicians Ben Zuccone, Johan Dubrex, and Guillaume Dubrez, GM School uses an intuitive learning technique, where the student  builds his musical path at his own pace, learning to play several instruments at the same time, and improving his skills day by day.

This is possible thanks to a 360° method, used by modern professors, thanks to which students are immediately introduced to “jump” between improvvisation, composition and studio musical productions.

Gimmemusic School is far from conventional schools, where course syllabi separate theory and practice: GM School bond the two aspects, and harmony and ryhtm are thought at the same time.

“Feel the music #live and in the #studio”: Gimmemusic’s fundraising campaign

After creating the music school financing it with their own resources, the three founders of Gimmemusic School decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign, a way to fundraise online and finance the projects of young creators.

This initiative could help the school to further perfection itself, as it would allow for the purchase of the latest instruments and equimpent, and to have all that’s necessary to offer its great courses.

Specifically, participating to the crowdfunding campaign would concretely help the school with the following needs:

  • Buying the musical instruments that are necessary for the courses;
  • Buying software to further improve composition;
  • Buying supplementary furniture and a more efficient air conditioning system;
  • Buying cables and microphones for audio recording;
  • Buying supplementary speakers and a control surface.

Us here at Puma Acoustics have collaborated since the beginning and sustained this Swiss innovative firm, appreciating the quality of its projects, which make learning music more concrete.

For the same reason, we invite those who can to sustain this fundraiser and share it on social media.

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