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Realization of two soundproofed spaces for Max Pezzali

Realization of two soundproofed spaces for Max Pezzali

Design home studio for pre-productions and recording

  • Customer: professional singer and composer.
  • Need: voice recording in a dedicated room in his own home.
  • Space: basement room in historical building with vaulted ceiling


Realization of a soundproof vocal booth corner with fixed structure and designed acoustic correction for the direction room with treatment on the walls with panels and tuned bass traps. Special treatment on the ceiling necessary to hang the sound-absorber panels on a curved surface.

Detailed pre-analysis and accurate design of the acoustic correction performed by the team Suonoevita ( with the method Tune Your Studio (

The customer: a singer

Max Pezzali, symbol of italian music, become known to the public as leading voice of the duo 883 and then he continued his career as a soloist, obtaining great success. In the last years he offered his know-how and experience to the TV program The Voice, for which he was also a referee. His passion for music is also cultivated in the inside of his house: this is the reason why he requested the installation of an acoustically soundproof space to listen to and rehearse with a high audio quality.

The artist’s feedback

Singer Max Pezzali


First of all thank you for everything. This is a work of extremely high quality and realized very well. Let me just say that yesterday I tried to listen to some songs I used as reference in the professional studios I went to, and the result is amazing: controlled and defined bass, perfect stereo sound, in which all the instruments are perfectly read.

It is a sort of miracle! I did not believe that in such a frenzy I could obtain such a satisfaying result.

Thanks again for everything!!!



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