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Soundproof booth Airbirds 210x210 by Puma Acoustics at the FIM 2019

Soundproof booth Airbirds 210x210 by Puma Acoustics at the FIM 2019

Puma Acoustics’ booths among the protagonists of the FIM 2019 in Milano

On May 16th and 17th we had the pleasure to attend as Puma Acoustics with our professional music booth Airbirds at a reference event for research and innovation in the music field: FIM Salone della Formazione e dell’Innovazione Musicale [Education and Musical Innovation trade show] hold in Milan’s financial heart right under Palazzo Lombardia.

We have experienced two days full of events, guests, meetings and exhibitions, we had the opportunity to meet several professionals from different music fields and to get in touch with them.

As exhibitors we have attended together with Biasin Musical Instruments and, thanks to their collaboration, we have decided to install one AirBirds Evolution 210x210 acoustic booth in which Biasin exhibited a Schagerl Drum acoustic drums made entirely of metal.

In the two days many well-known drummers like Meyer, Furian, Giorgi, Fasano, Fossati, Zanier had the opportunity to try out the Schagerl Drum inside AirBirds 210x210 booth and many have praised the characteristics of the cabin, focusing their attention on the reaction of the internal material and the acoustic performance when playing the drums inside.

Giorgio Zanier, drummer, trainer and also author of the book "Create the soundtrack of your life" explains in this video what makes Puma Acoustics’ booths unique:

Innovation, training and synergy: the values ​​of Puma Acoustics

The project to exhibit one booth with drums came to life thanks to the synergy with the great Denis Biasin, owner of the musical instruments shop who performed on stage playing the faithful reproduction of the accordion designed by Leonardo Da Vinci and manufactured by a Friulian violin maker.

The FIM 2019 theme was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci and proposed routes in a journey from the Renaissance to the present time and this year coincides with the 500th anniversary of his death.

This edition of the show was also held in the name of innovation and musical education: the goal was in fact is to promote and develop new perspectives and new forms of production and enjoyment of music.

For this reason we were very keen to be present at this fair that gave us the opportunity to introduce one of our latest new models of Puma Acoustics soundproof cabin.

The AirBirds Evolution acoustic booth is, in fact, an excellent study booth for medium and large musical instruments suitable for one or two elements, also useful as a booth for voice or singing. it is wide enough to accommodate a shooting and a recording desk and is also perfect for an electric battery or piano, thanks to the floating floor.

For more specifications of the AirBirds acoustic booth by Puma Acoustics, we refer to the page of our site dedicated to this model of cabin. To have a look at all the other models of booths, instead, we refer to our product page.
At Puma Acoustics we are always looking for innovative products in step with the times and with new technologies in the field of music and soundproof rooms. Contact us for more information!

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