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Soundproofing for a piano located at the 2nd floor

Soundproofing for a piano located at the 2nd floor

Customer’s request: soundproof a small studio

A professional pianist and composer asks to soundproof a room of his house in Bologna.

  • Instrument : Piano;
  • Place: Bologna central area;
  • Property: 2nd floor, building with 2 floors and 4 apartments;
  • Customer: professional pianist and composer;
  • Request: play at any time.

Inspection and design

View of the plan of the soundproofed room for the piano

During the night we made an inspection to measure the minimun background noise in the environment: the result was 23/25 dB, almost to the limit of the phonometer, and then very low.
We decide to install a fixed soundproofing, excluding from the start the use of a soundproof booth, in relation to the performances requested, considering the need to limit decibels and the vibrations transmitted mechanically and though the air and also considering that the building was provided of iron frameworks after anti seismic interventions. This has ensured a payload of floor slab definitely higher than the normal.

The place to soundproof is a room 4x3 meters, with a heater, a window with a box for the roller shutter, and a compartment with the collectors of the heating system. This room connects the living room with the bedroom so it has two doors.

Realizing a soundproof room

The intervention was heavy: walls thick 30 cm, a suitable ceiling and an inertial basement designed considering the weight of the piano and the weight of two people.

Professional soundproofing for insulating performances

The box for the roller shutter is closed, the window frame is already of excellent workmanship so we only replace the glass with a technical acoustic glass. We realize another frame and a soundproof extractable closing for the compartment with the collectors, We install two soundproof double doors to gain access to the living room and to the bedroom.

The feedback received by the customer:

"In the small studio realized in my apartment (designed and realized by Puma Acoustics srl) I can work in a place acoustically valid and soundproofed, and this simplify the management of my sessions of study and work. Moreover, thanks to the possibility of having different types of finishes, it is possible to create a personalized room according to the personal taste. A valuable investment and excellent performance!
Thank you!"

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