What fun it is to play music! But what does the neighbor say? Soundproof!

Soundproof rooms and soundproofing

Nietzsche claimed that “Without music, life would be an error."

And, really, how can we prove him wrong? So many moments of our lives are filled with music!

However, in regard to music, we tend to make a great deal of mistakes. The major reason? Listening to your own music is always wonderful, but hearing that of your neighbor might not always be so.

Soundproof roomsSo what should music sound like to those who find themselves in environment where people are making and listening to music, and how should music sound to those on the outside?

To put everyone at ease, it is best to intervene on two distinct fronts that are absolutely indispensable: that of soundproofing and that of acoustic correction.

The first task, soundproofing, allows one to play music without limits, and without feeling unjustly constrained, and thus avoiding the displeasure of having to lower the volume so as not to disturb those nearby.

The second task, acoustic correction, allows those near the original source of music to listen under optimal and pleasant conditions.

Puma Acoustics Soundproofing provides solutions for both aspects of the acoustics: our soundproof areas work as “sound containers” and have personalizable acoustics on the inside based on the subjective demands of those who play therein.

The AirBirds soundproof rooms are available in two versions (Basic and Premium) with two different types of cladding on the inside, while the Eagle PRO soundproof room allows for a personalized application of sound-absorbent panels to the walls of the room, if desired

Soundproof booths - AirBirdsSpeaking of which, Puma Acoustics has recently provided and installed two soundproof rooms at the new music school Aeldas Music run by Alessandro and Valentina Donini in Milan in via Legioni Romane, in which the main goal was to divide a large musical room into two spaces in which lessons could be held simultaneously, without interfering with one another.

Alessandro teaches hundreds of students who wish to learn how to play all types of guitars, the base, and the piano, while his sister, Valentina oversees those who wish to sing. They have informed us that the grand inauguration will take place soon, but that many lessons have already begun: in the biggest music room activities are already underway, such as master classes and musical groups composed of student-based trios

In order to obtain analogous results to those obtained from the soundproof booth, one can also construct a new fixed structure on the walls of the building, the idea for which is based on the “box inside a box” school of thought that corrects the diffusion of sound waves in the space with the combined use of sound-absorbent, sound-diffusing, and sound-reflecting panels, thereby obtaining perfect acoustics in all positions of the area.

When it comes to making music, you can do no wrong. Playing music should be fun and the environment in which we make music should contribute to making it a one-of-a-kind experience.

You can browse through our various models of soundproof rooms in this section of our site. For more detailed technical specs of our music rooms, please visit this section. For information on costs, we kindly invite you to visit this page, and for direct assistance, our contact page

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