The acoustic correction

The acoustic correction

The reverberation time of the room and the acoustic correction

An environment, even if perfectly acoustically soundproofed and then hardly permeable to sound, can maintain a reverberating behavior. The anti-reverberation treatment or, better, the acoustic correction, is a necessary step after the soundproofing. The generic acoustic treatment consist in an application of sound-absorbing panels in the "crucial" points; materials are sound-absorbing with open cells able to block the sound and dissipate it in form of heat. Their shape, density, and thickness cause the ability to "capture" the sound in the various frequency bands.

The veritable acoustic correction, instead, provides for a measurement of the reverberation times in frequency for a targeted laying of soundproofing/ reflective materials, or of the acoustic correctors granted by the absorption coefficient of the materials and furnishings in the room..

The anti-reverberation treatment is an essential step to consider while soundproofing. In this phase Puma Acoustics provides to calculate and define the quality and quantity of material required to reduce the reverberation time to the target value.

The acoustic reflectors are necessary to correct the acoustics, but these are more specific products and used for specific projects. Often they are used to give amplitude to the sound in environments with uncongenial geometric shapes.

Finally the bass traps: generally they are made of polyurethane foam and thanks to their thickness and shape, typically adapted to be positioned at the intersection of walls, react starting from the lowest frequencies, usually from 300 Hz. The bass traps or the catchers are instead customizable products to correct only and exclusively certain frequencies.

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