Acoustics frames and sound-isolating windows

The choice and the use of soundproof acoustic doors

Puma Acoustics uses new aphonic doors in glass with acoustic exhaustion of 42 dB (single aphonic door) or 55 dB (double aphonic door). The acoustic doors by Puma Acoustics are realized with transparent or opal glass, to give the space a natural lightning.

The acoustic doors or soundproof doors are an essential and often ignored aspect for a good result in a soundproofed room. The soundproof door has to be chosen not for its aesthetics, but especially for its sound-insulating power, that must result very similar to the average insulation of a soundproof wall.

The choice and the use of soundproof windows

The acoustic window generally has the purpose to put in communication two soundproofed areas, as the recording room with the direction room. The acoustic window is realized with parallel safety glass with differentiated thickness.

The are two types of acoustic windows: single-framed with 4 crystals and acoustic cut of 40 dB, or double-framed as in the rehearsal rooms where the 8 glass and the 3 air locked rooms guarantee an acoustic cut close to 75 dB.

The assembly must be very accurate to guarantee the maximum efficiency. The frame hosting the windows must be treated in a specific way.

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