Design of a soundproof rehearsal room

Design of a soundproof rehearsal room

The design of a soundproof rehearsal room needs care and great experience. Puma Acoustics for over 40 years has been designing and realizing personalized soundproof rooms under the acoustical profile in musical field. Usually a rehearsal room needs the maximum level of soundproofing, because in addiction to protect the neighborhood, it should not interfere with other musical activities, as in the case of center where in a room someone plays jazz and in another room someone is playing heavy metal.

Even if at a first glance you can not imagine, a rehearsal room is a technical room very difficult to realize. The designer has to consider many aspects, such as the existing structure and its structural limits, the systems and the electrical connections, the air conditioning and the air turnover, the more suitable soundproofing and finally the acoustics.

All this elements together and their complexity makes us understand that each project has its own story and that every project has its own price: to make a good quotation we have to know the context, the characteristics of the existing room and those of the finished room.

Only on the basis of all these elements and after having thought it is possible to create a design and an accurate quotation, in relation to the Customer’s desires and creativity.

We are specialized in the design of:

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Do you need a special-made design to soundproof a room or to make an acoustic correction?

Please request a contact with our designers and a quotation by filling the form with your data! Puma Acoustics will consider your case, if there is the need of an inspection, or if your data are enough for a long distance quotation. We make inspections in Lombardy, but for high level interventions our designers are also available for longer business trips.

Alternatively you can also refer to the contact page for further informations.

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