Design of soundproofed dubbing studios

Design of soundproofed dubbing studios

Usually the dubbing, in addition to the usual soundproofing characteristics, needs a space with a particularly dry and free from natural reverberation acoustic. The dubbed speech often must be added in very different situations and the neutral quality of recording should be able to be controlled during the post-production. In many recording studios walls, ceiling and sound-correcting panels have dark colours in order to allow the dubber to concentrate on the role, avoiding any type of distraction.

Puma Acoustics dedicates a particularly important place to dubbing and dubbing studios, on which designers of the related soundproofing have specific specializations since many years. Designing a radio dubbing studio or a video dubbing studio (for which we need more place and more tricks) means for us remove reverberation and create a dry acoustic, suitable for an high quality dubbing.

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