Personalized designs of soundproof rooms

Puma Acoustics performs personalized designs of room soundproofing of any size  even on the upper floors in order to satisfy the Customer’s requests. A room well soundproofed regardless of the performances to be obtained.

Designing the soundproofing of your room

Every project is the result of a planned activity, that begins with the visit of the structure, goes through the Customer’s requirements and aims, goes on with the intervention on the structure, always realized by a specialized staff from Puma, under the supervision of our technical manager and ends with the delivery of the room, together with the technical dossier explaining performances and characteristics of the work.

We are specialized in the design of:

The choice and use of soundproof windows

The windows are characterizing elements as they spread the light and are architecturally pleasing. They are available in standard sizes or personalized: Puma chooses specific glass, their soundproofing and their position as the acoustic behavior of each element is very important.
The installation must be very careful to ensure maximum efficiency. Also the structure hosting the windows must be treated in a specific way.

The design of the floating basement

During the design work Puma performs the sizing of the basement in the room to be soundproofed by using a special floating system for the reduction of the mechanical vibrations and noise. The upper floor can be made of linoleum, wood or carpet.

The electrical system

The realization of a personalized project naturally provides an electrical system complete with switches, sockets, lighting equipment integrated into the ceiling and any special configuration. The choice and the laying of the pipes is performed in such a way that they are soundproofed. The electrical system follows the rules according to its intended use and in accordance with the specifications requested by the customer.

Soundproofed air turnover system

In the project are normally required and included the soundproof system for the indoor air turnover and the air-conditioning system (hot/cold). For this purpose Puma choose specific machinery, set of pipes and integrated mufflers to ensure the acoustic soundproofing when the system is working. In a soundproofing project the air turnover and the air-conditioning system have to be chosen carefully and Puma ensures a design promising the no permeability of the sound.

Soundproof cabling connection

The soundproof cables Puma are used to connect phisically two soundproofed rooms without loss of performances. These important accessories leave a suitable passage for more cables of different diameters and can be used without having to remove sockets or connectors. The laying of cable passage is a fact to be considered at the beginning, on the basis of the need of the buyer. They are particularly designed to be opened and closed several time and provide a seal to the sound permeability.

Accessories on request

Puma proposes  a wide range of accessoires that can be used in personalized designs, for example:

  • Technical anti-reverberation panels to change the internal acoustic: they can be fixed or adjustable and of various models and sizes;
  • Electrical System with domotics;
  • Lighting system with LED;
  • Inner sockets UNEL or international;
  • Special customized windows;
  • Doors of greater dimensions;
  • Special cable passages.

Get a personalized design quotation

Do you need a special-made design to soundproof a room or to make an acoustic correction?

Please request a contact with our designers and a quotation by filling the form with your data! Puma Acoustics will consider your case, if there is the need of an inspection, or if your data are enough for a long distance quotation. We make inspections in Lombardy, but for high level interventions our designers are also available for longer business trips.

Alternatively you can also refer to the contact page for further informations.

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