Soundproof booth AirBirds 314 x 210

The soundproof booth AirBirds 314 x 210 is a silent box from the product line of professional soundproof booth AirBirds by Puma Acoustics, in compliance with UNI EN ISO 11957.

Soundproof booth 314X210 cm

size booth soundproof airbirds 314x210 cm

The silent booth AirBirds 260x 132 has undergone the performance tests required by UNI EN ISO 11957.

This rectangular rehearsal booth is very useful as studying booth for musical instruments of every type and size, suitable for more instruments. It is useful also as vocal booth.

This soundproof booth has an adequate size to guest some strings, even if  it may be the case that someone plays from a sitting position..

It is enough spacious to accommodate a direction panel for shooting and recording, and by adding a floating floor it is perfect for drums and elecrtronic piano, allowing you to play without headphones.

If you own a piano or acoustic drums we suggest you our soundproof booth Eagle Pro.

We recommend to take a look at the page related to the soundproof booths divided by musical instruments if you want to deepen what kind of instrument fits better in each booth.

Size and weight

  • External size (cm): 314 x 210 – Height cm 242;
  • Internal size (cm): 299 x 195 – Height cm 202;
  • Weight (kg): 817 kg.

The soundproof booth Basic

Booth soundproof basic 314x210 cm

The Basic model of a silent booth AirBirds 107 x 107 is equipped with a white external paneling, as shown in the image at side.

The Basic version of our soundproof booths is provided with everything you need and it is ready to be used. We can deliver this model in short times, but if you want to, you can customize your soundproof booth by adding some optionals: numbers of windows, floating floor and other elements described in the page related to the optionals.

The external finishes of our soundproof booths can be customized and Puma Acoustics offers six different kinds of finishes, such as white, black, wooden or vintage: all these materials match to the frame in oxidized aluminum. Also the interiors of our silent booths can be customized, and it is possible to read more about it in the page related to the internal lining of our silent box.

Moreover, the aestethic performance of a soundproof booth is a feature to consider also depending on the environment in which the booth will be placed. A living room furnished in a contemporary style match with black or white finishes, while in a room where wood prevail it is better to choose a wooden finish. 

The aestetic performance is one of the elements to keep in great consideration, as it maintains high the Value of the booth itself and keeps it more attractive in case of a future hypothetical resale.

Finally, please remember that it is possible to choose a turnkey delivery with installation, or a simply delivery with d-i-y installation: further informations on your page related to installation and delivery.

Some examples and ideas how to use a silent box 310 x 210

The AirBirds 314 X 210  soundproof booth with its large size is suitable for many combinations voice, instruments or both of them. It can be used as studying booth for every kind of musical instruments.

Soundproof booth 314x210 cm
Soundproof booth 314x210 cm
Soundproof booth 314x210 cm
Soundproof booth 314x210 cm

This silent box can be used also as vocal booth and thanks thanks to the silenced cable passage it will be possible to wire up the interior of the soundproof booth to obtain wonderful recordings with a clean and balanced acoustic.

Acoustic performances capability

Acoustic insulation tested at Laboratorio di Fisica-Tecnica C.S.I. S.p.A. in Bollate (Milan) on silent booths taken as sample from our production line (UNI EN ISO 11957 – UNI EN ISO 717-1)

HZ 125 250 500 1k 2k 4k 5k 6k
dB 23,4 24,1 27,8 34,5 31,3 36,4 40,4 40


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