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Soundproof booths Eagle Pro

Soundproof booths Eagle Pro 2x2 - 3x2 - 3x3

The rehearsal booth Eagle Pro are the flagship of Puma Acoustics and are particularly suitable for pianos and acoustic drums. The soundproof booth Eagle Pro are all in compliance with UNI EN ISO 11957.

The piano and the acoustic drum, in fact, not only produce high sound pressure, but generate remarkable vibrations that, if not contained, quickly spread in the masonry structure, resulting perceivable even at a great distance..

The soundproof booth Eagle Pro has an increased sound-proofing on the low frequencies and on both mechanichal and air transmitted vibrations, offering great performance to a demanding Costumer in search of quality and optimidez products.

The rehearsal booth Eagle Pro has a a load-bearing structure in aluminum with special white insulating panels on walls and ceiling.

The walls are applied to the supporting frame and rest on double seals on the whole perimeter.

The door with glass in a rehearsal booth EaglePro offers more natural lighting and it is available both transparent and with satinized glass.

The fixed windows has soundproofing and safety glasses; measures and positions are variable according to the needs.

The basement in a rehearsal booth EaglePro is floating, it supports the booth and at the same time insulate completely the structure with a floating system that removes any phonic bridge, ideal to absorb the vibrations produced by musical instruments as drums or pianos; the internal walkable floor is in technical wall-to-wall carpeting.

The air turnover is assured by a silenced ventilation, placed on the ceiling or on the side walls, and its dimensions are set according to the layout of the rehearsal booth and the flow air rate required.

The soundproof booth Eagle Pro is furnished with:i:

  • n. 1 door with a passage of 75 x 186 cm;
  • a panel with standard window of cm 60x80;
  • a silenced cable passage;
  • electrical system;
  • LED lighting system;
  • silenced ventilation system.

Technical data of acoustic insulation

Acoustic insulation tested at Laboratorio di Fisica-Tecnica C.S.I. S.p.A. in Bollate (MI) on soundproof booths randomly taken from the production (law UNI EN ISO 11957 - UNI EN ISO 717-1).

HZ 125 250 500 1.000 2.000 3.150 4.000 6.300 8.000
dB 20 33,5 36,3 42,5 42,1 47,6 50,4 50,1 48,6

Interiors and acoustic correction

The internal acoustics is entrusted to an acoustic cloth having the purpose to be a support for the application of the insulating optional panels, applied with Velcro and then conveniently repositionable to obtain the desired acoustical.

Technical features

The rehearsal booth Eagle Pro, thanks to its supporting frame in insulated aluminum and the reinforced structure, can reach exceptionally and only on request the dimensions of 6x6. This feature can be useful where it is not possible to intervene with the soundproofing on the wall due to force majeure such as buildings subject to the constraint of the Beaux-Arts.

The exterior finish is made with fire-resistants white panels highly resistant and washable.

The three standard sizes of the soundproof booth Eagle Pro

The soundproof booth Eagle Pro is available in 3 main models according to the modularity 2x2, 3x2 and 3x3.

Soundproof booth Eagle Pro 2x2

The soundproof booth Eagle Pro 216 x 216 has the minimum dimension necessary for drums with bass drum and drum roll and it is also good for an upright piano.

  • External dimensions (cm): 216 x 216 - Height: cm 246;
  • Internal dimensions (cm): 200 x 200 - Height: cm 200;
  • Base area: 4,66 mq;
  • Weight (kg): 1.170 kg.

Soundproof booth Eagle Pro 3x2

The soundproof booth Eagle Pro 318 x 216 is suitable for those who plays drums, is also good for a half-queue piano.

  • External dimensions (cm): 318 x 216 - Height: cm 246;
  • Internal dimensions (cm): 302 x 200 - Height a: cm 200;
  • Base area: 6,87 mq;
  • Weight (kg): 1.535 kg.

Soundproof booth Eagle Pro 3x3

The soundproof booth Eagle Pro 318 x 318  is the biggest of our standard models and it is suitable also for a grand piano.

  • External dimensions (cm): 318 x 318 - Height a: cm 246;
  • DInternal dimensions (cm): 302 x 302 - Height: cm 200;
  • Base area: 10,11 mq;
  • Weight(kg): 1.990 kg.

Accessoires for the rehearsal booth Eagle Pro

The soundproof booths Eagle Pro are complete with everything you need and ready to use, in addition they can be deliverable in short times, but if you want, you can choose to customize your booth by adding some accessoires you want, as for example:

  • Kit of soundproof panels for the interior for a personalized acoustic;
  • Additional windows;
  • Additional cables;
  • Reclining internal or external tables;
  • Easy access for disabled people;
  • Emergency lighting.

In addition, remember that you can choose between our delivery installation with turn-key or the delivery with assembly do-it-yourself: you can deepen the topic to the page on installation and delivery.

Some examples and ideas how to use a silent box Eagle Pro


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